Fintech Portal.


Project Type
UX, UI, Product Design, Brand identity

UX & UI Designer

The Case.

The task was to create a portal combining the brand image and a fintech application. Below you can see an animated prototype of the website that shows the product of combining finance and technology.


Our group of recipients can be divided into three categories: financial and investment advisors, individual investors and institutional investors. As previously agreed, for the first three months of fund promotion, we will focus on recipients on the Polish market, then we will expand our target group to include recipients from Eastern Europe and the United States.
Creating a friendly platform for financial and risk management. Building a credible image.

Our advantage, however, will be not only attractive products or a team of experts with extensive experience in finance, but also launching a functional platform. The platform combines investment fund management, expert advice with international experience, and access to information, analyzes, markets, customer financial portfolios, and the latest stock exchange news. This makes the financial brand a multi-platform attractive to anyone interested in making the best possible investment decisions.
My role
UX research, UI design, brand identity


Irregular shapes, which at first glance may look like no order and composition, are thought out like high-class art. The smooth shape set in the context of the business image emphasizes the high quality of services and a professional approach to the customer